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Miro X Zoom

Social Launch

Present and collaborate, Powerfully and playfully


Online video conferencing is great – but we all know it has its limits. Miro, an online collaborative whiteboard, now transforms your team meetings with the launch of its new Zoom app.


We celebrated what happens when Miro — the best in online whiteboarding, meets Zoom — the global leader in video conferencing. Our concept, ‘Get Involved’, focused on the feeling of true collaboration and the feeling you get when you turn on-mute meetings into show-up-and-bring-it meetings.

Results and Learnings

The video launched organically on all Miro’s social channels and quickly became their most viewed video on LinkedIn ever — beating the previous record by over 100,000 views in less than a week.


  • Product launch, 
  • Digital transformation, 
  • Drive loyalty 


  • film & motion, 
  • campaigns 


  • Technology