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Make It Yours

Inspiring creativity with one huge mural


The pandemic was a weird time, right? For online whiteboarding company Miro it was a time of hyper-growth — great news. Which resulted in a slightly disconnected workforce who’d only really met on video calls— not so great.

They commissioned us with creating a high-impact, high-energy brand film to bond the global offices together at a landmark conference. Their message, ‘Make It Yours’. Our creative solution, a single large-scale collaborative mural.


We selected eight Mironeers out of the 900 employees and briefed them to create a huge 9mx5m canvas. They used a range of artistic and technological mediums (including a robot car, paint covered brooms, giant stencils and…samba dancing), to bring the artwork to life. And we captured it on Arri Alexa cameras, GoPros and drones.

Results and Learnings

The film was shown across all of Miro’s global offices and launched at a high-profile conference. It was so well received that it went on to be shared on their social channels as an anthem to attract new talent and inspire everyone to ‘Make It Yours’.


  • Create a movement, 
  • Behavioural change, 
  • Brand purpose 


  • film & motion 


  • Technology