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Far Skate

Brand Identity

Giving grassroots authenticity a roadmap for growth


Non-profit education and skateboarding organisation FAR Skate needed a singular identity that would give their brand a centre of gravity and appeal to skateboarding subcultures and corporate sponsors alike. Stereo was delighted to step up to the challenge on a pro bono basis.


We created an entire brand system of logo, colour palette, typography style and additional stickers and motion inspired by an original illustration done by one of their students. Only the new version was updated and polished to a level that would lend itself to proposals to serious-minded benefactors.

Results and Learnings

The founders were thrilled to finally get a unifying brand system that would match their ambitions and help find the right sponsors to spread the positive effects of skateboarding to the people who need it most. The foundation is now utilising the brand to engage in partnership and sponsorship conversations with both global and local players alike.


  • Raise awareness, 
  • Create a movement, 
  • Celebrate community 


  • Brand Creation 


  • Fashion & Retail