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Promo VC 23

Giving sales some Swoosh


Nike’s brand ambition is to give everyone access to sport, and promotions are a big way to bring consumers closer to world-class training and running gear — still premium, just at a more pocketable price.

Back in 2021, Nike asked us to rethink their promotional online and offline offensive, giving the creative an elevated and premium tone. Sales and promotions are an important part of any retailer, but often they can feel gaudy or cut-price.After the success of the VC, Nike got us back on court to refresh the creative for ’23.


After much research and experimentation, we adopted a softer, more textual, airbrush illustrative style. This aligned the creative with Nike’s new playful brand vision. The updated system had to be less visually overpowering, allowing improved product imagery to sing. The system can be flexed in order to react to all promotional moments, such as seasons and other key instances.

Results and Learnings

This directive serves as a guide for all of Nike digital touchpoints. The updated VC continues to elevate Nike’s promo offering, sharing the Joy of Movement with swoosh-fans everywhere.


  • Customer retention, 
  • Performance marketing, 
  • Drive loyalty 


  • Brand Creation 


  • Fashion & Retail