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Putting repairs on the map


To celebrate and promote Berghaus’ long-standing — but little known — repairs service, we rebranded and relaunched Repairhaus.

Since their foundation in the 60s, Berghaus have offered free repairs on any of their items, for life. Yet, very few of their customers had ever heard of this benefit. In a world where more and more brands are offering sustainable policies, we wanted to establish Berghaus’ reputation as a brand with repairs in their DNA.

Beyond savvy environmentalists, the majority of people are still impacted by the culture of ‘new’. Newness has more cultural currency than second hand. We needed to celebrate the durability of Berghaus gear — demonstrating their products stand the test of time, with repairs as added value.

After doing our research, we unearthed a word that resonated across the board — resilience. Resilience is an ability to recover quickly. For us, this perfectly represented the service and promise: Repairhaus makes durable products resilient.


The creative solution centred on our new tagline: “Free Repairs for Hardworking Gear”.

We created three sub-pillars to work with: “Optimistic”, “Northern Wit”, and “Proud Makers”. These traits allowed us to speak about the environment with compassion and enthusiasm. The brand tagline was clear and concise, headlines embodied a ‘no-nonsense’ attitude, with tongue-in-cheek puns and emotive language.

Inspired by the Repairhaus workshop, The logo was built around a literal stitching together, while the palette echoed industrial packaging alongside dockets and tactile textures. For typography, we used a pairing that worked on large and small-scale applications. Applied with a loose grid and overprinted treatment, it became a focal point for the brand.

Results and Learnings

The brand launched with brand guidelines, a brand toolkit, a brand film, and completely refreshed digital and social channels.

After launch, Berghaus saw a dramatic surge in engagement, including:


visitors spending time with the brand — and learning more about repairs — thanks to 69M impressions and an above average engagement from consumers on social (CTRs) and display (VTRs).


repairs to date, helping to keep more kit than ever out of landfill, which equates to a 2,200% increase from the year before.


positive sentiment scores from Repairhaus engagers.


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  • Conscious consumerism, 
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