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Ramadan 2023

Share the Joy of Ramadan


In 2022, we worked with Crocs to launch a limited-edition Ramadan collection. Building on the success of the campaign, Crocs came back to work with us for 2023, too.

Our strategy remained the same. Ramadan is a time of gratitude. It is as self-introspective as it is joyful. Yet on the market, everyone creates campaigns around the piousness of the occasion. This left us with the opportunity to capture the celebration and joy that other brands miss.

Unlike other seasonal campaigns, we wanted Crocs to feel fun, playful and individual. To understand and faithfully represent the cultural occasion, we reengaged community and creative collective Muslim Sisterhood to consult.


Using a colour palette of gold and cream with clean white borders, we ensured the art direction and styling felt traditional but always with a contemporary and progressive edge. Our creative territory “Dress to Excess” was inspired by the reflection and celebration of the season, delivering a feeling of opulence without playing into expected visual clichés.

By collaborating with community and creative collective Muslim Sisterhood, director India Harris and photographer Jameela Elfaki, we encouraged the uniqueness and warmth of the street-casted models to shine through.

Results and Learnings

The campaign launched globally on the first day of Ramadan and runs through the festive period across all touchpoints — digital and social to OOH and shopper — with a focus on key Middle Eastern markets.

We’re looking forward to seeing the results soon.


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