Worldpay Recommends

Synthesising a complex product offering into a unified, tech-forward global sales tool

  • Emotions

Worldpay’s wide product offering and range of territories meant that its sales reps often struggled to show presentations to merchants in a unified and consistent way with the latest information. Stereo was given the challenge of changing that with a future-proof solution.

  • Create

We created an online sales tool called Worldpay Recommends that responds to input by sales agents on the fly to create a tailored product presentation for their potential clients. Imagery, copy and regional language updated based on merchant type and locality—all at the touch of a button.

  • Impact

Originally intended solely as a B2B solution for Worldpay, since joining the FIS umbrella, the Worldpay Recommends tool has now expanded to be used not just for merchants but also capital markets and banking, as well as currently being adapted as a B2C tool.


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