Real Parents Go Social.

Mamas & Papas

Social content strategy

Mamas & Papas faced competition from other high-end, high street nursery brands targeting first time millennial parents.

Social was a key channel for both comms and sales, but there was a lot of noise to cut through. Stereo leaded on social content strategy, positioning the brand as a platform for news, entertainment and a place that understands what it is to be a real parent. This positioning had to work both across social and in-store activations.


Research revealed that to engage the market, Mamas & Papas had to recognise that the target audience like to be seen as people in their own right, as well as parents. New parents are one of the most active audience on social and they were more likely to follow bloggers and real lifestyle content rather than brands online.

One of many insights we uncovered was a near universal desire to have a night off once in a while.

Tumblr visuals


We developed an overarching content campaign, ‘Real Parents’, starting with the sub-campaign #MandPNightOff. A series of social films sparked a conversation around what our audience would do with a night off.

Apart from this, we created a suite of innovative social content covering cinemagraphs, animated gifs and influencer blogs to keep the conversation going.

Real parents featured a large collection of influencers from the world of children’s fashion, mums blogs and social parents.

M&P Night Off asked parents how they would spend a well earned night off if given the chance. The campaign featured across all Mamas & Papas social channels.

Mamas & Papas ✕ Uber


#MandPNightOff campaign saw a 15% increase in Facebook followers, a 30% increase in Instagram followers, and a double-digit uplift in click-throughs to the Mamas & Papas website from social. An on-going content strategy, including a popular Real Parents Tumblr page, continues to grow the brand among new parents.

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