It Takes More

Getty Images

Global content strategy

Getty Images needed to re-engage their global audience in an ever-changing digital world.

Stereo created a global content strategy, successfully changing perceptions and re-establishing the brand among this crucial audience in multiple territories.

Competition Platform


With greater access to online imagery and growing competition the creative industry is changing and Getty Images needed to re-establish itself as a market leader and influential creative resource.



We created an overarching campaign, “It Takes More”.

The first sub-campaign, ‘Shoot the Shoot’, followed Getty photographers to unveil the work goes into producing each image. A global content campaign, ‘Digital Talent’, saw us partner with 12 key influencers in 12 markets to produce a series of soft-touch social films. Once the audience was re-engaged, we created a competition platform to give them a chance to work with major brands, establishing Getty as a key creative partner. We also created the Getty Images Pro app so that photographers could be briefed from anywhere in the world.

app designs


It Takes More not only changed brand perceptions, but lead to significant sales uplift in key markets. Both campaigns enjoyed significant engagement across every market, exceeding our original targets to such a degree that Getty Images chose to make ‘It Takes More’ one of its 4 brand pillars.