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Now vs Future

Bringing the future of finance to the present


Following the success of the previous year, FIS ‘A Bold Future’, Stereo were invited back to rethink the FIS Innovation Research Report.

FIS’ Innovation Research Report is a document of stats, findings, and insights that give key clients an understanding of the financial innovation landscape. We were tasked with sharing this information in an engaging and compelling way. A way that positioned FIS, not only as thought leaders, but as revolutionary agents within the FinTech sector. We needed to create an impactful narrative that delivered important information and communicated the future evolution of three key financial verticles.


With major C-Level stakeholders to impress, we wanted to do something different. Leaning into emerging technology, we set ourselves the task of visualising the future in a way that hadn’t been done before.

We decided to have a story advancing from now into the future, told by a Metahuman. Built on the 3D-creation tool Unreal Engine, we created a game-like online experience where users scrolled their photorealistic human avatar through environments in which they transition back and forth between present and future, displaying key pieces of content.

We also rigged up a real person and applied their voice and movements to the Metahuman to create a realistic game/film-like intro to each story.

Results and Learnings

The resulting web and mobile experience was unlike anything else in the sector, putting FIS firmly on the map and front of mind for key clients.


  • Raise awareness, 
  • Lead Generation, 
  • Market share gain 


  • digital experiences 


  • Technology