We are an agency founded on the belief that bold, challenging creativity supported by strategic thinking can make a big impact in a modern world.

Our Story

Stereo was founded in London in 2007 by three creatives who are still in partnership today. Back then, Stereo believed the most powerful design develops, nurtures and deepens emotional connections between audiences and brands. And although we’re now an established full-service creative agency, this core belief defines all our work today.


Our Services

Our suite of four core services generate noise for the world’s most ambitious brands, covering film and motion, campaign, digital experiences and brand development.

  • Brand Creation

Creating long-lasting brand blueprints and architecture in line with your brand’s ambitions, values and role in the world.

  • Campaigns

Creating newsworthy communications ideas in any channel, founded on strategic analysis that puts clients’ best interests first.

  • Digital Experience

Building seamless, innovative and immersive experiences that spans UX, front-end and back-end development.

  • Film & Motion

Bringing brand storytelling to life through the latest animation, 3D and film techniques, with end-to-end production capabilities.


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